Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fuzzy Slug Monster?

This was an attempt to create a "creepy" critter. I am so used to drawing cute that my ability to sketch a scary looking creature lacks. Here is where I believe I was successful.

Raccoon Designs

I am working on creating a little girl and her pet raccoon. I chose to find the shape and style of the raccoon first, and then continue onto the design of the little girl. The raccoon on the left side, in the middle is the one I settled on.

Foxwind and Vivid

This drawing was done quite a while ago, but I still enjoy how it looks. It is a sketch of my World of Warcraft character and her loyal pet.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Raccoon Colored

This raccoon was created out of boredom while in class by my friend Camille. He sure is an angry looking critter, but I love him. With that in mind I decided to clean him up some and give him some color. Enjoy.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

More Raccoons

I love raccoons I think they are cute critters. So here are some that I drew at noodles and Company in Portland, sitting with some friends.

Church Sketches

I was walking away from 23rd ave in Portland I spotted this church. Again I used a tuscan red colored pencil.

Multnomah Public Library

I went to the Multnomah Public Library and sketched away with a tuscan red colored pencil. It is such a nice color.

Things Around Portland 2

Portland Sketching

Things Around Portland 1

I walked around Portland and sketched anything that looking interesting to me.

McMinnville Air Museum

This was a truly fun experience. There was so much to see there. I personally have never been on a plane or even close to one, so to see a plane as large as the spruce Goose was amazing.

Chinese Garden

Chinese Garden in Portland. Focus on high contrast.

Pittock Mansion

A tree from the Pittock Mansion in Portland. Focus on Broken line technique.

Japanese Garden

The next 8 posts are from my drawing on location class, from summer 2010 term, the first is from the Japanese Garden in Portland.

Madame X Hair

I figured I'd post this because I spent so long working on her stylish new hair. I repainted and styled hair for Sargent's Madame X, for a production team that I am on at AI. It will be for a commercial, soon to come.

La Roux Poster

This was a project in my Illustration Class at AI. I love La Roux music, it is very upbeat and fun. As silly as this may sound I am really excited because this poster got put up on the wall in the college, it is the first item I have had on the wall, and gives me great joy and pride.

Self Portrait

My Self Portrait was created in my Digital Ink and Painting Class at the AI of Portland. I am quite proud of it, even though the background isn't completed yet. The cravat still bothers me.


These are some ladies that I liked the form and shape of.

Little Girls

Just some sketches of cute little girls.

Mr. Creeper

Well this on came about because I wanted to draw a sort of creepy looking guy that was up to no good. Some of his design is based off Dr. facilier, due to recently seeing "The Princess and The Frog."

Curly Eared Raccoon

Well it is about time I post something and why not let it be a raccoon. Oh and just in case the name of my blog is confusing, I'll explain. Procyonidae is the family name of raccoons, so just think of it as "Just Say Parading Procyonidae."

Friday, May 28, 2010

Started A Blog

Well this is a first but I'll give it a try.